Frankie's VOICE

My eyes can’t see your beautiful smile. My ears can’t hear your deep, rich, gravely laughter. But if I close my eyes very tightly and block out the white noise of the world, I can feel your heart beating still within my very soul.

Grief is love with nowhere to go. There are no words of comfort that will ever strip away the pain that comes with loss of a child. Pain, and grief, and love…have nowhere to go. Finding a voice from deep within that pain and hearing that voice resound again and again is the blessing of Frankie’s Voice.

We lost Frankie Raffa four years ago to addiction at only 33 years old. Yes, horrible, awful things can happen to great people, and each of us now knows someone who’s been touched by the opioid crisis. In 2000, Massachusetts confirmed 375 opioid deaths. In 2016, that number was a staggering 2,095 confirmed deaths. Frankie Raffa was one. One young man, one son, one father, one brother, one friend, one amazing, promising future. Multiply that one tragedy by 2,095 and try to imagine all that pain, and grief, and love…with nowhere to go.

The good news is that since 2016 the number of opioid related deaths has decreased by 4% in part because of places to go like Frankie’s Voice. Four years ago, the Raffa Family created a place where all our pain, and grief, and love can go, and where they can be transformed into hope.

The 4th Annual Frankie’s Voice is a now place, a face, a voice, and a promise to forever keep Frankie Raffa’s voice alive in hopes of reaching out and helping even one more person in need of love and help. So far, Frankie’s Voice has donated over $100,000, which has been donated directly to the North Shore Recovery School in Beverly for scholarships, capital improvements, and support for the young men and women who fight an addiction battle every day. 

Won’t you help to keep Frankie’s Voice alive and support this battle for full recovery! One smile, one laugh, one heartbeat at a time.

We’ll see you at the 4th Annual Frankie’s Voice at the Cabot Theater, Beverly, on Friday, October 6th at 6:00PM.

We can hear you, Frankie. Your voice will live on through all of us.


We send our thanks to all those who have attended over the past three years.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated!!