How do you keep the memory of someone you love alive when you can no longer hear the sound of their voice? You become their voice, and you carry their message in your heart and in your actions every day.

Saturday night, April 27th will mark the 3rd Annual Frankie’s Voice, a community event dedicated to coming together in one voice against the horrors and pain of opioid addiction and in resolve to removing the silence and stigma of families facing difficult challenges and unspeakable losses.

Last year’s event gathered hundreds together at the Cabot Theatre in Beverly to participate in the Cribbage and Ping Pong Tournaments, silent and live auctions, and in sharing great food sponsored by a variety of generous local vendors. As a result of the efforts of so many wonderful volunteers, Frankie’s Voice was able to raise much needed funds for the North Shore Recovery High School. The Beverly school’s mission is to “create and maintain a safe and respectful recovery community through education, community and accountability” by “meeting the diverse academic and recovery and mental health needs of students who have a diagnosed substance use disorder”.

Funds donated to the North Shore Recovery High School exceed $50,00o in total over the past two years.

According to Sarah Seiler, Director of Development, Northshore Education Consortium:
 “The funds were used to build the soundproof room at the school as well as purchase cameras, printer, and funds to cover an annual subscription to LightRoom Adobe, a software program which enabled RHS to successfully launch its first Photography Class last fall. The class has been a huge hit with the students! It has not only provided a way for them to express themselves through photographing the community around them but it has also provided a ‘voice’ for them to creatively, yet powerfully, share their story in a way that supports their recovery.”

Substance abuse and addiction have touched all of us in one way or another. On April 27th, let your voice be heard. Sign up, stand up, speak out, and join us at the Cabot Theater, 286 Cabot Street, Beverly, to send a resounding message that will echo throughout our community and beyond. Be a part of the message of hope through your own actions, and help us continue to hear the echo of  Frankie’s Voice as well as be the voices for all whose voices we cannot hear.

Frankie's VOICE